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Djamboulat Bastion

Bjamboulat Bastion

Djamboulat Bastion | Famagusta

This bastion is adjacent to the modern entrance to the harbour, it is named after the Commander of the Ottoman forces who succeeded in effecting a successful entry into the city by riding his horse into the whirling wheel that guarded the bastion gateway. The Venetians had created a fiendishly lethal device of a wheel covered in sharp blades that cut to shreds anyone who tried to stop it. After a ten month siege the Ottoman forces found that they had a leader who was prepared to risk everything to bring the fight to an end. This indeed he did but lost his life, and that of his horse in the process.

The bastion contains Djamboulat’s tomb and there is a small museum containing military artefacts.

Admission fee applicable

Lavinia Neville Smith
Lavinia Neville Smith
Lavinia Neville Smith first came to North Cyprus in 1995, and fell in love with the country and the Turkish Cypriot people. A self confessed dilettante, with a varied working career, it was not until she returned in 1997 and went into tourism that she was able to put to good use her knowledge of history, ancient and modern, acquired long ago at school. She is a co-author of the Landmark Visitors Guide to North Cyprus, and continues to promote this beautiful country as far afield as possible.