Yeni Erenkoy

In Turkish, the word Yeni means new, so this village is New Erenkoy. Once the centre of the thriving and lucrative tobacco industry, it has been administered since 1974 by Turkish Cypriots from Erenkoy (Kokkina) the village far out on the west coast of Cyprus, that appears on maps as a small enclave shut off from the remainder of North Cyprus.

 After partition the tobacco conglomerates left the island and the industry was finished. However still very evident are the factories, packing houses and smokeries once associated with the business. Started during the middle ages with most tobacco being produced in the Larnaca area, in the 20th C production moved to the Karpaz and The Tobacco Cooperative Society built the vast warehouse close to the village. Within the last decade the industry has undergone a revival and tobacco can once again be seen growing in the Karpaz landscape.

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