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Buses are normally minibuses locally know as Kombos or Dolmus. There routes mainly cover the main towns Kyrenia,Nicosia and Famagusta and larger local villages.

The buses do not normally have a schedule and normally run every 10-20 minutes along main roads and then into the villages stopping off wherever you want to get on or off the bus within reason.

During the summer months the last bus run until 9pm and during winter months less frequent last bus around 7pm.

Prices are cheap depending the distance you travel expect to pay around 2.5-4 TL and for long distance for example Kyrenia to Famagusta 8-10TL.

Each Town will have a bus designated area in Kyrenia main town for local bus routes buses are on the opposite side of the road of the Law courts and main Post Office and for long distance close to the belediye or council office in town centre.

 Nicosia: Corner of Ataturk Caddesi/Asik Caddesi

Famagusta: Main otobus terminal Gazi Mustafa Kemal Bulvari and for buses to Kyrenia and Nicosia go to the Itimat bus station south side of Famagusta  town.


Taxi’s  in North Cyprus are easy to find in town and many 5* hotels have their own taxi ranks or you can telephone and book one easily .You can easily share a taxi with other passengers known as Dolmus taxi for longer distances these are stretched Mercedes limousines and are relatively cheap when sharing. Taxi’s are generally metered, however always ask roughly how much your journey will cost before entering the taxi.


There are no railways in operation within Northern Cyprus.