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Legends – The Evil Eye

Evil Eye
Legends of the Evil Eye

Legends of the Evil Eye

Throughout the ages, in many cultures and religions, the evil eye figure has been considered as a powerful symbol to defy and conquer evil forces.

It is believed that the evil eye amulet will break and deflect negative and bad energy directed to you by others and will keep you and your loved ones safe.

The evil eye is very prominent in Turkey and North Cyprus where the symbol can be seen hanging above doorways, in cars, in jewelry form and pinned to clothes of babies and young children.
The most popular evil eye charm color is blue, for example, Turkey and North Cyprus are very dry parts of the world with minimum rain full so water is classed as very precious, this color represents prosper and growth, without it, living things would not survive.
You will find examples of the evil eye in many religions ranging from Muslim, Jewish, Hindu and Buddhism