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Temperatures and Seasons in North Cyprus

weather and climate in northern cyprus

Weather & Climate in North Cyprus

The climate of North Cyprus is typical Mediterranean with very hot dry summers and cooler winters.

The average temperature in July and August can reach up to 40 Celsius and in winter months the lowest temperature tends to be around 15 Celsius.




Spring (April – May) and autumn (September – October) in North Cyprus is warm and very pleasant this is the best time of year for the adventure enthusiasts to enjoy hiking, bird watching and wild orchid walks.

Summer is the season for high temperatures, warm sea, crystal clear skies with a gentle sea breeze and plenty of hours of sunshine

Winter (November – March) features mild temperatures and cooler winds but with plenty of sunshine to chase away those winter blues

Clothing required

Spring and autumn would be T shirts or light pullovers during daytime and a jumper as evenings tend to be cooler.

During summer months very light summer clothes are require along with sun hats and plenty of sun cream!

Winter months you should be prepared for all types of weather ranging from pleasant sunny days, chilly evenings to rain falls.