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30 November, 2009
30 November, 2009
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Di Figaro


Di Figaro Restaurant

Di Figaro restaurant stands very proud in its location in Karaoglanoglu. As you arrive through the ornate wrought iron gates you will be impressed at the grandness of the building.

A number of classic cars are dotted around the car park and when you enter through the  typical  Cypriot style doors it is like walking into an Aladdin’s cave of antiques which form part of the décor. Walking through the restaurant out to the terrace area more artifacts are on display making for an interesting dining location. The large open kitchen is a hive of activity and you can watch the chefs’ preparing your meals.

The menu has the usual mix of chicken, beef and fish dishes. As an appetizer you are given freshly toasted bread with a special homemade dip made from carrots, onions, garlic and soy sauce it is so tasty you are guaranteed to ask for more, along with the plump olives.

If you are struggling to make a choice from the menu then the waiters are on hand to offer you some help. They are very knowledgeable about each dish and can guide you with your choice.

All main courses are served with Cyprus potatoes and seasonal vegetables. Complimentary fruit is severed after your meal along with a liquor of your choice.

You can contact the Di Figaro restaurant by calling 0392 815 822 4040.