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The Courtyard Inn

The Courthyard Inn Restaurant | Kyrenia
The Courtyard Inn Restaurant | Kyrenia

The Courtyard Inn is situated in Karakum, just before the K-Pet petrol station. Set amongst pine and olive trees, the Courtyard Inn is the perfect place for a romantic evening. During the summer months, you can sit outside in the courtyard area, which is tastefully decorated for the perfect candlelit dinner. During the winter months, you can sit inside the restaurant warmed by traditional log burners.

When you enter the Courtyard Inn, you will receive a warm welcome from Mo, the manager, or one of his extremely helpful and friendly staff. You can sit in the bar area, have a drink and browse the menu if you wish, or if you want you can be shown to your table straightaway.

The menu consists of mostly Pakistani cuisine; however there is an extensive range of European food on offer as well. Prices are very reasonable, with a typical curry with Pilau Rice, Chipati, dips and sauces starting from 18TL (approx. £7). There is a wide selection of curries available which are catered to your taste, for example, you can have chicken curry mild, medium, hot or extra hot. The hot curries are generally pretty hot, so a nice cold beer is a welcome accompaniment. There are plenty of side orders to choose from as well including Alo Saag, Onion Bhaji and Bombay Potatoes. My recommendation is the onion bhaji’s to start, then chicken tikka masala which is always very nice, with alo saag on the side. Also recommended for more European tastes is the stilton cheese soup to start and then the seafood crepe for the main course.  Desserts are available starting from 7TL (approx. £3) which include chocolate gateau, ice cream and various cakes and pies.

The Courtyard Inn have regular live entertainment, quiz nights, fish and chip special nights and a special menu for Christmas, New Year, and Easter. They also offer a takeaway service and a lunch menu is available, serving European snacks such as toasties, homemade burgers and sandwiches. 

You can contact the Courtyard Inn on 0392 815 3343 or 0533 853 8829.

Kelly Sheppard
Kelly Sheppard
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